School Fundraising

In addition to our Paying Forward Kindness program, we offer an act of kindness fundraising service for schools.

Many schools need to raise funds each year. Often students are selling candy or other products with little connection to their education. Our acts of kindness program offers life-memorable and joy filled acts of kindness. Specifically, we help children in the United States and children in Africa help each other.

We offer three fundraising options.

1. Profit up to 85% with a self-run event that benefits from our expertise and technology system. 

2. Profit up to 75% with our one week acts of kindness program. Students meet children in Africa via video conferencing. Our team runs the fund raising event saving staff and parents hundreds of hours of volunteer time.

3. Profit up to 70% with education delivered over three weeks. This is our full-service and most comprehensive fundraising program. Our team coordinates every aspect of the program.

Click here to see how we compare with other school fundraisers. Click here for our Service Agreement. The primary self-run school fundraising activity consists of student participating in a 1 mile "fun run" or "water walk" activity. The process starts with the school principal sending an email to parents informing them of the fundraiser and the prizes that their children can earn. Often the laps completed by students are structured as 1/16th of a mile. An option is for each participant to receive a Children of Compassion T-shirt. When combined with upbeat music, the run or walk is a lot of fun for everyone involved.

A sample student page generated by the Children of Compassion system is shown below.

Oakland Elementary

Helping my school and children in Africa!

$100 raised Sofia's Goal: $200

70% Complete

The below website page address will help you
invite friends familly members to help.

Other Donor Comments
  • Sofia, we are supporting you and your school.
  • What a fun way to help your school and also make the gift of education possible!
  • ABC Consulting is happy to be a corporate sponsor for this event.
  • We think it is great that you are helping children in Africa.
$58,212 Raised of $30,000 goal
Mary D.
Raised $2,100
Tim S.
Raised $1,910
Edward L.
Raised $1,175
Kathy M.
Raised $1,100