About Us

We have provided education and acts of kindness since 2005.  The book Paying Forward Kindness explains our work to help children in Africa.

Above are some of the 51 children receiving scholarships in Liberia, Africa. You can learn more about the children by clicking on the above picture or here to read the Teach Peace books about these children and their life in Liberia.  

Currently we have helped over 350,000 people with free online education and provide 51 scholarships in Liberia, Africa for the 2019/2020 school year.

Proceeds from our books and donations help us serve orphaned and disabled children.

Comments from people served by our acts of kindness include:

"Thank you for saving my life."

"We are very grateful to you for your continuous support to the Mission of Hope for the Disabled. May God greatly bless you for always being there for us."

"Thank you for sending my nephew to school."

Comments from people served by our education include:

"The Akita and the Fatima Secret documentary should be declared a World Heritage Site." 

"Excellent documentary, especially with the interviews of those involved."

"Amazed I just heard about this just TODAY just days after AB Vigano issued his testimonial. Cardinals speaking against Cardinals. Bishops against Bishops." 

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                                                          Teach Peace = Acts of Kindness + Education