Poverty in Liberia

We feel a deep calling to offer hope, dignity and education to the poorest of the poor. On planet earth today, the poorest of the poor are the orphaned and disabled children in war torn countries.

In 2023, there will be more people living in Africa than China. In Liberia, West Africa, only 62% of the men and 33% of the women can read. There are approximately 150 Liberian doctors serving 4.8 million people. Two-thirds of the children do not attend school.  The children in the greatest need of help are often without parents and struggling with serious medical problems.

Sadly, the poorest children live with little hope that the future can be better. In addition, disabled children are sometimes viewed as cursed. Children living in abusive environments are especially at risk of being used by human traffickers and becoming criminals. In 2014, the Ebola crisis reversed the progress that had been made to improve the quality of life in West Africa. 

The problem in a sentence is the children who are the poorest of the poor have lost their parents, their families, and are now losing the people who in the past have stepped forward to rescue them.

A brighter future is possible when children live with dignity and hope. A solution empowering people to end the cycle of poverty, capable of expanding each year both in terms of funding and the number of people helped, is greatly needed.


We help orphaned and disabled children in Africa achieve their potential.  We offer hope, food, medical care, education, and supervision. We implement this mission by partnering with people who have dedicated their lives to serving the poor. As a result, we maximize the effectiveness of every dollar donated by partnering with people with years of verifiable experience helping the poor.

We also employee adults in Africa who are "paying forward" the kindness that they received. Our regional coordinator, Benjamin Wollor, is an example of a person who was once a child without hope of obtaining an education and graduated from the Liberia Mission program and is a college graduate.  He is paying forward the kindness that he received by serving the poorest of the poor with the Teach Peace Foundation.