Age: 8 years

Home Town: Buchana

Location: Monrovia, Liberia

Grade: 1

#of Sisters: 1

Has Mother: Yes

Has Father: Yes

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More About Annette

Annette Stubblefield is a deaf and lives with her parents in Liberia’s capital Monrovia. Her father is Andy Stubblefiled and her mother is Veonica Tongar. Annette could not go to school until 2017 because Annette needed to attend a special school where she would be taught Sign language. Her parents are poor and could not afford the cost of sending their daughter to school. They kept praying for a miracle day that someone would come to their aid and their prayer was answered in 2017.

Annette has problems trying to talk. She hears a little amount of sound when it is very loud but she does not talk at all. As a child she could cry and say words like any normal child but unfortunately something went wrong. According to her parents, she became sick one night with a burning fever. This happened when she was a year and half. She was taken to a nearby clinic. At the clinic she was given medication and the parents were never told what type of medication was administered.

The fever subsided but since then Annette has never said a single word. Efforts have been made to seek a medical checkup and help her but with no success. All tests from medical professionals have suggested that nothing is wrong with her ears. A doctor at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia said that Annette’s hearing can be recovered if she is taken out of country to the United States or another country with advanced medication facilities. Unfortunately, her parents cannot afford the cost. To sustain the family the father is a security guard and her mother takes care of children at home.

Annette is learning Sign language very fast and she is currently in the First Grade. Annette and her parents are grateful to Teach Peace Foundation for her 2019/2020 scholarship!