Age: 12 years

Home Town: Kokoya

Location: Monrovia, Liberia

Grade: 1

#of Brothers: 2

#of Sisters: 4

Has Mother: Yes

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More About Diamond

Diamond Johnson is 13 years old. He is a happy child very grateful for the Teach Peace Foundation. Diamond is a disabled child, for almost ten years Diamond could not go to school because his father has abandoned him due to his physical disability. Diamond developed hydrocephalus when he was nine months old. His head begin to enlarge and his feet became weak. Since they were poor and could not afford the cost of medical consultation seeing a medical doctor was not possible. His parents tried to find a solution by going to see a herbalist. 
For over five months they were in the bush without any sign of improvement. After spending every cent that they had and with no improvement, the father abandoned both the mother and child. Diamond’s father suggested to his wife Martha that Diamond was cursed and they should leave their child alone to die in the forest. But Martha being a caring mother refused to let her son die. After one year of no improvement, Diamond’s mom brought him to Monrovia to live.
When Diamond was 10 years old Children of Compassion helped him. He received a wheelchair in November 2017 and started going to school. This program became part of the Teach Peace Foundation in 2019. Teach Peace’s Paying Forward Kindness project resulted in Diamond receiving a life-saving surgery in 2019 and a scholarship to continue his education. The Chiang family deserves praise for their generous funding to enable us to help Diamond and provide critically needed medical services literally saving the lives of three people. 
While the Teach Peace Foundation has helped Diamond with urgent medical needs, he still needs more surgeries because his spine is severely curved and his feet are twisted. His legs and feet do not allow him walk. Without his wheelchair he spent much of his time sitting on a bench in front his house. In January 2018 due to the kindness of students in Carmel, California, Diamond received funding to go to school. 
Diamond needs help because his mom is a cook to support and barely able to feed him. You may want to read more about Diamond’s life by reading the book “My New Dream”.
His future is much brighter now that he has mobility and he is obtaining an education!