Age: 9 years

Home Town: Paynesville

Location: Monrovia, Liberia

Grade: 1

#of Brothers: 2

#of Sisters: 1

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More About Grace

Grace Yakeh was born on December 7, 2009 and she is an orphan. Her father’s identity is unknown and her mother, Garmie, died in 2015.

Grace’s mother lived in the Gatos smoking and drinking narcotic substances. She became impregnated by an unknown person. In her fifth month of pregnancy, she decided to go home to be with her mom. She was home when delivered Grace but unfortunately after one month she returned to the Gatos and began using narcotics again.

Garmie would spend nights out sometimes 2-5 nights at a time leaving the baby to be cared for by other people. One early morning around 7 am or 8am, after be away for two nights, she came home. She said to the baby’s grandmother,  “here is your child I am going.” Garmie left and for a few years her whereabouts were unknown.

In 2013, information arrived that Garmie was seen in Grand Gedeh County which is in the southeastern region of Liberia. The grandmother went to search for her but after three days of fruitless efforts she returned to Monrovia. In 2015, the news of her death in Southeastern Liberia arrived.

We started helping Grace in 2017 and she is a recipient of a 2019/2020 Teach Peace scholarship. You can learn more about her in the Teach Peace book Cooking in Liberia. Grace is hoping to have a sponsor to help her.