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Principal Bruce Stewart and his amazing team of teachers at the Junipero Serra School have done something very special and perhaps never accomplished before. The students helped raise funds for their school and to help the Children of Compassion organization deliver services to orphaned and disabled children in Africa. As a direct result of this life-memorable act of kindness, 50 children were helped to go to school in 2018.

Junipero Serra School Helps Children!

On February 2nd something truly special happened at our school in Carmel, California. We were able to give the gift of a Catholic education to orphaned and disabled children in Liberia, Africa.

I am sharing my experience as the Junipero Serra School principal so that other schools can benefit and more children in Africa can be rescued from a life of poverty.

As a Catholic school we place an especially high value on teaching kindness. We also seek ways to raise funds help keep tuition affordable for our students. Due to an innovative fundraising system created by the Children of Compassion organization, we raised $39,114. What makes this experience extraordinary is the life-memorable act of kindness that we delivered.

Shown are the pictures of the 50 children that our students helped!

Through our outreach to the disabled and orphaned children in Liberia, the Junipero Serra school students experienced the transformative benefits of helping these young children who previously had no hope of going to school.  These 50 children (pictured above) who were without hope, are now experiencing God’s love in action. 

The Children of Compassion program is offered to schools at no cost to the school which was a pleasant surprise as fundraising companies routinely charge thousands of dollars and deliver much less (see

Children of Compassion is founded by Bishop Anthony Borwah, Bishop Charles Campbell and is supported by Bishop Richard Garcia. This non-profit serves orphaned and disabled children in Africa who are unable to go to school. Monterey Diocese School Superintendent Kimberly Cheng brought this exciting new way to help the poorest of the poor to my attention. Now that we have experienced this program it is clear that Children of Compassion is bringing exactly what Catholic schools need to attract more students. Our students are already looking forward to speaking again with the children and seeing our new friends in Africa each year.

Rodger Gueh is one of the 50 children that Junipero Serra School students gave the life-changing gift of going to a Catholic school.

The Children of Compassion program to help the poorest of the poor is in direct alignment with our mission statement. By working together, we can and will, maintain the legacy of faith, academic excellence, integrity, respect, and service to others that has been the legacy of Junipero Serra School.

Peace and blessings,

Principal Bruce Stewart