Discussion Guide


The Paying Forward Kindness discussion guide will help you deepen your understanding of how to be an agent of positive change.

1. What did you like best about this book?

2. What do you think of the book’s  cover and does it convey what the book is about?

3. Why do you think the author chose to tell this story?

4. How original and unique is this book?

5. What feelings did this book evoke for you?

6. What new things did you learn?

7. Why did Benjamin have to wait until he was eleven years old to go to kindergarten?

8. Why did Benjamin become a child soldier?

9. How did Liberia’s Civil War influence Benjamin’s life?

10. How did Benjamin work to save lives during the Ebola epidemic?

11. If you were making a movie of this book, who would you cast?

12. What songs does this book make you think of?

13. If you visited Africa what would you want to see?

14. How would your life be changed if you did not have electricity at home and had to bring water for your family?

15. Would you eat different foods if you did not have a refrigerator?

16. If you got the chance to ask the author of this book one question, what would it be?

17. Which person in the book would you most like to meet?

18. What questions do you still have?

19. What was a life-changing experience for Peter Flomo, Samuel Meaway and Diamond Johnson?

20. How was Isaac Weah’s life saved?

21. How is medical care in Liberia different than in the United States?

22. Think about the other people in the book besides the author. Did someone or something they did make an impact on you?

23. What aspects of the author’s story could you most relate to?

24. How does kindness triumph over evil in this book?