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On February 9, 2018, I brought my son and daughter to the Sacred Heart School in Salinas. We volunteered to help Children of Compassion implement a Water-Carry act of kindness and in the process raise funds to enable orphaned children to go to school.

We had a blast and I am so happy my children were present. Our small team of five volunteers helped Dave Dionisi as over 350 students carried water for one mile. Seeing the children in Africa also carry water and interact with the Sacred Heart students was amazing. The students, 7,000 miles apart, encouraged each other in this act of kindness that enabled children in Africa to go to school! However, as is so often the case, we actually received way more than we gave.

The conversations that this experience sparked between my kids and I have been incredible and continue to this day, even more than a month later. At the same time, it was a great opportunity for them to see and experience faith in action, with other kids all over the world. No one knows how this experience will play out as they continue to grow, but it is exciting to think about!

Thank you Children of Compassion for helping so many children, including my children, become children of compassion! Geoffrey Hash