What can I do?

You can perform an act of kindness. For example, speaking with a school principal to inform them they can easily raise money with our fundraising technology to help their students is a way to help orphaned and disabled children in Africa.


Sponsoring an orphaned or disabled child in Africa for $1, $3, or $5 a day helps in a powerful way. At the $1 level you help a child be fed for an entire year. For $3 a day they are both fed and educated. Full sponsorship, the $5 a day level, enables your sponsored child to receive assistance with additional essential needs including access to basic health care.


The poorest of the poor are in great need of:

+ love and compassion.

+ food and medical services to save lives.

+ academic scholarships to go to school.

+ education to help people lead faith-centered lives.

+ life-skills to prepare children for adult responsibilities.

+ emotional support services to assist traumatized children.


The number of orphaned and disabled children in Liberia and Sierra Leone is unknown and higher than our current available funds. For this reason, we have started by serving these countries and as more funds become available expand to help orphaned and disabled children in other countries.


We will seek to serve every tribe in the countries we serve. For example, in Liberia there are 16 indigenous ethnic groups and several foreign minorities. Indigenous groups account for 95% of the population. The recognized ethnic groups include: the Gio (or Dan), Mano, Bassa, Kpelle, Grebo, Vai, Gola, Kru, Krahn, Mandingo (or Mandinka), Fante, Dei (or Dewoin), Bella, Mende, Loma, and the Americo-Liberians or Congo people.


The children we serve face life challenges beyond what many people in developed countries can comprehend. Click here to become a volunteer.